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Couple watching their newly mounted tv

Elevate Your Home Entertainment: Unmatched TV Mounting Services Across California’s Vibrant Cities

Elevate your home entertainment with Zomg The Handyman’s unmatched TV mounting services across California. From the iconic streets of San Francisco to the radiant sprawl of Los Angeles and the serene charm of San Fernando Valley, our skilled technicians are ready to revolutionize your space with impeccable TV installation services.

A 65' TV Mounting service with in wall wire concealment over an entertainment center

Experience the Power of Professional TV Mounting Discover the significance of TV mounting in optimizing living spaces. While DIY might tempt, only a professional offers precision, security, and aesthetic mastery.

A 65' TV wall mounting with sound bar integration on a mantle mount bracket by zomg the handyman

Mastering Both Ends: ExpertiseAcross Northern andSouthern California Explore Zomg The Handyman’s mastery of TV mounting across California. From tech-driven San Jose corridors to serene Dublin neighborhoods, our technicians redefine spaces with impeccable TV installations.

65" samsung TV Mounted over a fireplace with soundbar mounted to the tv for seamless integration.


The Zomg Distinction Our distinction lies in delivering an immersive professional TV mounting  journey, not just a service. Certified technicians ensure seamless integration with meticulous cable concealment and clutter-free aesthetics.

Safety as Paramount Beyond aesthetics, safety remains paramount. Our team adheres to industry protocols, ensuring precision and care.



Embark on an Enriching Journey Elevate your TV watching escapades with Zomg The Handyman’s peerless professional TV mounting service. Say goodbye to DIY dilemmas and usher in an era of exquisitely mounted TVs.

Couple watching their newly mounted tv

Ready for Transformation? Secure your slot for expert TV mounting. Whether the allure of Los Angeles beckons, or the charm of San Fernando Valley soothes – we bring your home entertainment vision to life. Indulge in the enchantment of professionally mounted TVs.

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