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Top 5 Reasons You Need A Professional To Mount Your TV

You’ve spent hours searching for a suitable TV. You have bought it; now it’s time to unbox, mount and indulge.


Herein lies the challenge: should you mount the TV yourself or hire a professional? Most people will initially shy away from hiring a professional to mount their TV, opting instead to try their hands at DIY. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of YouTube tutorials, many people don’t see the need to hire professionals for specific tasks.


Mounting a TV isn’t just throwing it on the wall and hoping it sticks. It requires tools and skills to guarantee your TV is mounted correctly and doesn’t incur damage in the process.

If you’re still on the fence, here are the top 5 reasons you need to have your cherished television professionally mounted.

1. Proper Placement

TV & Sound bar mounting over fireplace, using MantelMount MM700 Pro Fireplace TV Mount Pull Down Bracket  with in wall wire concealment

The primary reason for hiring a professional for TV mounting is to guarantee the correct placement. Professional TV mounters will aid you in finding the perfect viewing spot. They also consider factors such as power outlets, height, angle of viewing, close components (sound systems, gaming consoles, satellite boxes), and of course, sunlight.

Most importantly, very few things in life are as distracting and annoying as attempting to watch crooked. TV installers also factor in placing the TV at the ideal height, so viewers won’t have to strain their neck, eyes, or back to watch their favorite show.

2. Correct Mounting

The obvious and critical reason to acquire the services of a professional is to ensure proper mounting. When a professional mounts your TV unit, you can rest assured that it won’t come tumbling down.

MantelMount MM700 Pro Fireplace TV Mount Pull Down Bracket for 50"-90" & 25-115 lb Televisions Above Mantel
TV wall mounting above a fireplace using MantelMount MM700 Pro Fireplace TV Mount Pull Down Bracket for 50″-90″ & 25-115 lb Televisions Above Mantel / Fireplace. This Mount comes with a universal soundbar mount which is makes cable management even better.

An incorrectly mounted TV is an avoidable safety hazard. Additionally, a TV places extra pressure on your wall. An expert will be able to spot any structural weakness that would lead to your TV being dislodged.


3. Hide Those Wires

The feared downside of TV mounting is the onset of loose ghastly wires. While they don’t pose a safety risk and certainly don’t cause any damage to the unit, wiring is not a pretty sight. If you insist on mounting the television yourself, there may be much you can do regarding the wires.

TV Wall Mounting by Zomg the handyman with an Echo gear full motion wall mount and In wall wire concealment kit

However, a professional installer can conceal cords by running them through your walls damage-free. They can also organize all the cables of the tv and accompanying components to ensure your home doesn’t look like a building zone.

4. No Damage

The sound of a TV crashing to the ground is heart-shattering. Whether it’s incorrect tools, lack of skill, or slippery hands, the risk of damage, attempting to mount your TV on your own is high. TVs can easily be damaged from screen to hardware, don’t take the risk.

5. Peace of Mind

You can do it yourself, but will you be confident about it? Professional mounters come with a combination of tools, skill sets, and know how that just can’t be replicated by a regular homeowner. Employing the services of a mounter will give you priceless peace of mind.

If you’re located in Los Angeles, CA, don’t ever worry about mounting a TV, Instead, contact a professional. With over a thousand happy customers, 24/7 support, lifetime guarantee, and competitive prices, Zomg the Handyman is the Los Angeles & Orange County premier TV Wall Mounting Service provider.

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