Sojag 10’x10′ Gazebo Assembly


Sojag 10’x10′ Gazebo Assembly

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  • Assembly Only: Gazebo must be purchased from a retailer such as Home Depot, Lowes or Online Retail Stores
  • Installation includes Anchoring to concrete or wooden flooring.
  • We normally finish installation within 8 Hours.
  • After assembly, we clean up the area and compact the boxes to the desired area, hauling away of boxes will be an extra charge.
  • Area must be prepped prior to installation.
  • Flooring must be level to for installation to take place.
  • Please Keep pets out of the area and turn sprinklers off, if any.
  • If you reside in a gated or guarded community, please be sure to send us a code or add our name Zomg the Handyman to the Guest list.
  • We recommend starting as early as 8am but we also understand some areas are noise controlled.
  • If you prefer to pay after the job is done, you can do so by selecting Pay later option during checkout.
  • Thanks and we appreciate your business

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