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We are happy to help with assembly and installation! Installation for most playsets takes typically one day to complete but sometimes can take up to two. Check out the online reviews of the playset you are considering to see how long it takes most people to do it themselves and what they thought of the process. We’re here to help!


  • Ground must be level
  • Free of tree stumps or other debris
  • Free of pet waste
  • Sprinklers turned off day prior to allow yard to dry
  • We condense shipping materials but do not remove
  • 6 feet of play zone (in addition to footprint) is recommended on all sides for safety
    • If enough space does not exist for reasonable safety standards we will not install

Please note we do not anchor playsets to the ground that are installed on artificial turf or where sprinkler lines are present due to risk of damage to your lawn. Please contact your landscaper for assistance. We look forward to building your playset for years of fun.

Please note that if your product differs from model quoted, the price may change.


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