Choosing the right Backyard Structure

Choosing the Right Backyard Structure: Gazebos, Pergolas, Sheds & Playsets

Many people seek to add more personality to their yard space, whether gardening, adding a fishpond, or building structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and sheds. These structures not only look good but are very practical and functional.

Have you been considering adding one of these to your backyard? If you have, we can to help you choose the most suitable structure for your yard and provide the benefits that each provides.


A gazebo is an open, freestanding garden structure built with a roof and varies in shape and size. Some are constructed with either wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Adding a gazebo to your yard can significantly transform the space while delivering various other benefits.

More time outdoors

Providing comfortable seating and protection from the sun, gazebos can lure you into spending more time outside in your backyard. Many people tend to stay inside and look at their backyard through a window because of the lack of shelter from the rain or sun when they go outside. However, having a gazebo provides an inviting place of solace that can shelter you from any weather, therefore, encouraging you to go outside more often.

 Adds to your home value

Outdoor structures such as gazebos provide much of the functionality that an indoor room does while beautifying your yard space. If you are selling your home and looking to appeal to buyers in a competitive real estate market, having a gazebo can be an excellent selling point.

 Enhance aesthetics

Gazebos are known to improve the aesthetics of a property. They offer beauty to the landscape and can be designed to fit your preferences. Gazebos can be traditional or more modern and still provide an inviting area for you and your guests to relax outside.


Having a gazebo has proven useful in hosting various diverse activities. Its uses include  family gatherings, dinner parties, a wedding venue, a focal point for a garden, a private space for quiet reflection, and simply relaxing under a covered structure.


More homeowners are beginning to realize the incredible benefits of having pergolas on their property. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but their improvement capabilities are endless. This arched structure is becoming increasingly popular and is mainly made with wood.

 More space for your garden

For garden enthusiasts, having a pergola is a dream because it creates more space for their garden. Pergolas can create a space for trellis and afford you the ability to hang plants.

They are also ideal structures for climbing plants. As these plants grow along and around the structure, the result would be a natural wall and ceiling for your pergola, which significantly enhances your backyard aesthetic. These plants can grow and thrive because of the open structure of a pergola.

 A variety of uses

One benefit of building a pergola is that the structure adds purpose to your property. It gives you a defined space in your yard that can be used for lounging, entertainment, meetings, and many other occasions.

 Added functionality to your landscape

While sitting outside and enjoying the sun, sometimes the heat can become unbearable, driving you indoors. With a pergola, you can remain cool and continue to spend time outdoors.

Because of the design, the breeze will flow freely through the pergola as there is nothing to block it, and by installing a slatted roof, you will be able to block most of the rays of the sun. Doing this means that even when the temperature outside is elevated, you can stay cool and use the space for various fun activities without being affected.

A pergola also helps to maximize your usable outdoor space by creating a space for outdoor furniture. Additionally, they act as a windbreaker and a rain shelter. While many are concerned that too much sun and rain could damage their furniture, pergolas help to protect them from harsh conditions.


If you are looking for a backyard structure that is both aesthetically pleasing and exceedingly functional, look no further than a garden shed. Sheds are typically built using wood or metal and are designed in various shapes and sizes. The benefits of building a garden shed are endless.


One of the main benefits of building a shed is the storage capacity that they offer. Forget about storing all your tools in your basement, garage, or spare rooms in your home. A shed can help you to clear out those spaces and provide extra storage for miscellaneous items. Additionally, having a shed also protects these items from various weather elements.


Suppose you live in a house with limited space and you want to have friends or family spend some time? A properly equipped shed can make for an excellent guest house or small dwelling unit.

Not only are they cost-efficient, but the backyard shed also offers a comfortable and private space for you or your guests to spend some time alone. Using it as a guesthouse can also make it the perfect hangout spot for you and your friends. Whether you want to host a party, dinners, or just watch a game, a shed can be helpful.


Want to move your workspace out of your basement or garage? Now is the time to consider building a shed. A shed is an excellent structure for a workshop. Once designed with adequate space, you can move all your tools in, add a sturdy table, put up some racks for your tools and begin working on your projects without disturbing your family.

 Improve Garden Aesthetics

Not only can a garden shed improve your garden’s operations by providing a common place for tool storage, but it can also help to enhance your garden’s appearance by reducing clutter.

Even when your garden is in full bloom with its flowers, fruits, and greenery, the sight of unopened bags, mulch or tools can take away from the area’s beauty.  These can be stored in your garden shed and will significantly improve your garden’s look in an instant.

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